Ref. 4118-1

New houses for sale in Puig de Ros

Město: Puig de Ros
Koupelny: 3
Ložnice: 4
Zastavěná Plocha: 245 m2
Pozemek: 383 m2
Cena: € 875 000
Nezávazná poptávka


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A semi-detached house with two units in modern style and views of the bay of Palma from the magnificent roof terrace is currently being built here.

The houses each have a basement with garage, ground floor is the living area with integrated kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, the upper floor has 3 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, including an en suite and dressing area at the master bedroom.

The magnificent roof terrace with glass elements offers a beautiful view of the bay of Palma.

Nearby are shops, restaurants, cafes and the coast with beach club, as well as the golf club Maioris.

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